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Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Week's "Favorites" - Random Moments

Do you look back at the end of your days or weeks and pick out favorite moments from them?  Or is that just a quirk of mine?

Okay, okay, let's skip the topic of my quirkiness!  I like to pick out favorites on Friday, just because I like the alliteration of "Friday Favorites" (yet another quirk, I know!), but on Friday I couldn't narrow my favorite moments down to just one, and today I added another two.  So here's the latest version of my week's "Favorites" -- Random Moments, in no particular order.

1.  Favorite Flower Moments - This bouquet graced a table at a baby shower for a person I don't even know in Buffalo, NY, on Sunday, July 24.  Here it is, three weeks later, and it looks nearly as fresh as it did then!  My friend who attended the shower brought them to the church to decorate our Registration Table at VBS, where they proceeded to wilt when we forgot to add water to the vase, then spring back to life again the next day.  They have brought so much joy over the past three weeks!  
(How have they managed to stay so fresh looking?  Does anyone know?  Do florists hold the secret to the Fountain of Youth nowadays?  Maybe I should drink from that vase!)

2.  Favorite Kitty Moments - Yes, you know the story now of the scary hours when we thought Friskie was gone.  This week she has sneaked into the house several times to drape herself across the back of my chair or curl up - as she is here - in the midst of my work.  Here she shares her lovely fur with my son's new work uniform while I hem the slacks.

3.  Favorite Summer Weather Moments - This week has been gorgeous!  I have enjoyed it so much.  The sound of the wind whipping the flag out front or rustling the poplar leaves has been beautifully accompanied by the musical tinkling of the wind chimes my son gave me for Christmas (you can see them hanging from the corner of the porch roof if you look closely).  They're supposed to be tuned to the first eight notes of "Amazing Grace," but we often hear other songs in the notes as well.  It's fun to find out what songs the other family members hear when we're out on the porch at the same time!

4.  Favorite Friend Moments - No, this is not a picture of my friends!  I didn't get a photo of them this time, but today my husband and I met D & J at a restaurant in Warren, PA, for breakfast.  We try to do this every couple of months, but with John working away from home so much recently, we hadn't had a chance to get together in ages.  What fun we had, though, catching up on the times we'd missed, sharing photos, and just generally "flapping our gums" as our friend D puts it.  And these peach muffins were my favorite food there!  I'm going to have to figure out this recipe sometime soon!


5.  Favorite Hubby Moments - Yes, he is my favorite hubby!  He says it doesn't count for me to call him my favorite since he's my only one, but of all the husbands in the world he's my favorite, so it works for me.  Friday John returned home from a week of on-the-job training two hours from home, and we shared a favorite supper (Stew Beef and Dumplings) and a movie (Sahara) with the guys.  Good times, great memories!  Then today, after meeting our friends for breakfast, John took me to one of the nearby company tower sites and explained the equipment and inner workings to me after replacing an air filter in the building at the base of the tower.  It was a beautiful, sunshiny day, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

There!  It's certainly not a comprehensive list, but these are the favorites from this week that stand out in my mind at this moment.  It's such a pleasure to look them over, treasure the best moments, and thank God for blessing me with them.

So tell me, what favorites did you have?  I'd love to hear them.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE your blog - and did not know you were doing one (but I do now *smile*)

    I like the idea of Friday Favorites. I already do Praise Monday, so Friday Favorites would make my week complete.

    Looking back on this week I would have to say going to lunch with my husband on Thursday would be one. It's the first time we've "gone" to lunch since we've moved into our house - way too long. Also, yesterday I went to Lake Lure with a friend and saw God's awesomeness in creation. Beautiful mountains and valleys all rising above a beautiful lake. Could have stayed for a loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time just worshiping my Lord ♥

    Love you - Denise