articulate - adjective
1. having parts connected by joints, as in "articulated"
2. made up of distinct words joined together in such a way as to convey meaning
3. able to express oneself clearly and distinctly
4. well formulated, clearly presented

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorite: The Whole Family Together Again

When we found out our kids in TX were coming to NY for a visit, we suddenly realized it was the perfect opportunity to get the whole family together for some pictures.  After we found a date when the other kids were available, we began inviting grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc. for a picnic on Sunday afternoon.  I CAN'T BEGIN to tell you what a pleasure it was, having all these people traipsing over our house, carrying paper plates laden with potato salad and pulled pork, chatting and laughing and passing the baby around.  I loved sitting on the edges, watching the smiles and listening to the banter as four generations interacted with each other.

What a blessing.

The highlight came when we all took a short drive to a nearby camp where we were able to choose from a variety of different backgrounds for group photographs.  We had invited a family friend who is a great amateur photographer to spend the day with us, and she took some marvelous pictures.  This is my favorite of our kids:

So, quite without realizing it, we hosted our first family reunion.  It was over far too quickly, but the memories linger, sparked every time we scroll through the photos...

How about you?  Did you attend any great get-togethers this summer?  What are your favorite memories from them?


  1. I'm glad they came for a reunion and that you had so much fun! J & H's wedding was definitely a fun highlight for me!

  2. You looked like you were really enjoying that wedding, Hannatu! I think family get-togethers rank the highest on my "Favorites" list! :)