articulate - adjective
1. having parts connected by joints, as in "articulated"
2. made up of distinct words joined together in such a way as to convey meaning
3. able to express oneself clearly and distinctly
4. well formulated, clearly presented

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out On A Limb (or An Introvert's Journey into the Unknown)

Nothing earthshaking here; just a photo journal of my week so far.


Why is it the place I need to be is at the other end of a frightening journey?  I've watched others do this, so I'm pretty sure I can, too, but my cozy kitty pillow felt much safer than this scrawny branch.

One more step forward.  The ground is so far below! 

If I squeeze my eyes shut, maybe that will help.

Aaaaaaaah!  My back right paw trembled off the branch.  

 Erf!  Splinter in the belly.  This is NOT comfy.  Legs, get back up here where you belong!  Okay now, one more step, maybe with the eyes open again...

Wait.  Where am I?  Better yet, where am I supposed to be going again?  And HOW am I supposed to get there??  A map would be good.  A map?  Please??  MY KINGDOM FOR A MAP!

Oh no, not a breeze!  WIND, STOP SHAKING THE TREE!!!

Sure is a good thing I do chinups.  Now if the bottom 2/3 of my body would only join the rest of us up here, too...

I'll try swinging it up.  Forward.  Backward.  Forward.  Momentum's a good thing, they tell me.  

Faster now.  Backward, forward, backward, forward, backward forward backwardforwardcackbardforbard...

Slipping!  Slipppppppping!  Dig the claws in deeper!  Lunge, lurch, OOMPH! 

Okay, there.  A little traumatized, but safely delivered to top of branch again, including all essential body parts, I think.

What I really think is it's time for a nap.  Wake me when we get there, okay? ;)

So how was your week? :)

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